September 19, 2012




Hello, everybody.



12:27 Los Angeles / 16:27 Rio de Janeiro / 21:27 Paris / 00:57 Mumbai / 04:27 Tokyo


I am sick, for once ! My head, my throat and my chest are burning. Am puking my lungs out.

Maybe it’s a flu, or cancer, finally ! I just figured out that I’d die in this flat, it could take up to

5 days for my brother Jonathan to realize. I hate you. ^^ I guess am doing, unconscionably,

to much reproaches to Father about my life. Pain’s the price. But the good news is that











Kylie is giving me the middle finger. Yes, I know, not in appearances, but that what she’s doing.

Am in negotiations with The Sky to divorce from her and find a new heart. You know, divorces

weren’t supposed to exist at the beginning. So, it’s kinda a big deal for us. And when I say

that there’ll always be a new stash of faggots she didn’t sat around the coffee table to snore

shit, or took to the master bedroom, to take a dump while talking curtains, am sort of

making a point. Oh boy, but when I remind that ending with her also means makeup less

photos of her… you know… did you saw Longoria’s ones ? ^^ Oh, fuck it !











Am watching episodes ! See you later.











Yo ! Wazzup’ ?






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