September 4, 2012


Hello, everybody.

7:36 Los Angeles / 11:36 Rio de Janeiro / 16:36 Paris / 20:06 Mumbai / 23:36 Tokyo
See 1905.
Sarcastic smile
Oh, he’s a married Gentleman ! Ok ! I’ll deal with it.
Heavens !
I have a ton of things to say.
First, what did I forgot yesterday ? Mmm… Agent Sam Hanna is trying to know
how to know when am doing a new page ! So, James, :), once you have a Google account
and are logged in, you scroll down to the bottom on the blog and click on that:
then, you add the blog to the Feed reader that comes with Google accounts.
And you obtain this :
You can also add all your favorite sites via the Subscribe button and, like that
you always know what they just posted if you installed a “Auto Refresh” app in your browser. A very useful tool.
Every now and then I also introduce the new readers to PtrScr, the great little app I use to do screenshots.
Very useful too, to figure out if am making false Prophecies or “things” of that kind… ^^
You know, I mailed, or tweeted, or Facebooked, the link to the blog to every single atheist
site or “organized” heap findable on the internet, like I did with all sort of religious authorities
of all creeds and, they simply never answer. Not even once. They play the watch. :)
What’s more among all that I forgot ? Mmm… Mamabu is back !
Am done ignoring her ! Really, you know, it’s just :
Kylie Minogue respects no-bo-dy. Way too much. She needs to hear a truth or two.
Because, trust me, in the tiny tiny little world that lays between her hears, everybody in
earth, as in heaven, is just a despicable petite shit. Everybody ! but her billion dollards. :)
Oh ! In addition to all that jazz, I found Clint Eastwood last night in the matrix. He was in a telephone booth and,
that telephone booth, in a tsunami going to the left. Sure he’ll confirm the story. He’ll be less violent from now. Count on that.
But last night’s big surprise was Albert Einstein.
Because, if you saw photos of him before and after his general relativity theory,
You know that at some point he became crazy. Your thoughts becoming energy, too much thinking alone can make you crazy.
It’s quite common among the psychiatrist but, among the scientist, it’s proverbial. Check this video.
from 21:30 to 33:20 and from 38:00 to 47:22
And am not accusing these professors. Craziness is a clinical condition you can recover from,
and that do not always impeach you to even have a job. The thing is that I used to think that Einstein was
amongst the good guys, like everybody I guess. Well, he was not ! I am the second person he hates the most.

'You have heard how it was said, You will love your neighbour and hate your enemy.

But I say this to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you;

so that you may be children of your Father in heaven, for he causes his sun to rise on

the bad as well as the good, and sends down rain to fall on the upright and the wicked alike.

For if you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Do not even the tax collectors do as much?

And if you save your greetings for your brothers, are you doing anything exceptional?

Do not even the gentiles do as much? You must therefore be perfect, just as your heavenly Father is perfect.'

Matthew 5:43 to 48
Isn’t it. So, let’s be honest. Besides what’s already on earth, we have a few kilograms of moon samples,
and this universe is, as they use to say, unbelievably big. So big that they can’t see it all ; therefore,
they call it the observable universe. It can’t be scientifically serious to pretend that there is none a single atom
that is older than 13.7 billion years. And if you believe that all that matter was then packed in an infinitely
small & dense point that magically appeared from nowhere, just confess that you too believe in fairy tales.
There’s no shame in being a dreamer. This brain lookalike shaped universe is an antenna.
And the universe above this one is a simpler world.
I heard last night in NCIS: Los Angeles S03E18 that an Asian spring was feared.
Let’s wait and see.
If only there was a killer, who does his job, waiting somewhere.
Yes, that means after 1906 – 9.
Red lips
R.I.P, Michael.
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