August 21, 2012


Hello, everybody.

7:56 Los Angeles / 11:56 Rio de Janeiro / 16:56 Paris / 20:26 Mumbai / 23:56 Tokyo
Everybody’s waiting another Angelology Master Class today.
So, first, don’t forget that only The One exists. And that you’re dreaming.
Even in broad day light.
Considerate it school like homework, you have till Friday’s evening to do Silence within you.
You know, when you have done what you had to do and, finally have some quality time for
yourselves like, don’t know, having a drink on your sofa, just focus on staying thoughtless in
you. Just keep eyes open, smile a bit and, stare at something on your coffee table for example.
It can even be your TV remote control ! It has shapes, colors, numbers and letters, and
everything is beautiful. :). Do it and I promise you a visit from The Angels on Friday.
I mean, first you’ll start regaining what most of you lost a long time ago : Instinct.
So, you feel what you have to do. And it can be anything from stop cursing, even just in
your head, to cleaning your place, because I am talking about Sacred Beings.
Believe me, they don’t have to look up on you.
Don’t be ridiculous. Do your best. Read Talking with Angels.
In the worst case, if nothing happen Friday night,
you’ll feel what you have to change. Maybe you
were too nervous… coward… unholy… etc. etc.
Work on that till next Friday then. And
don’t be afraid by unknown
sensations in your body.
Good luck.
Me, I’ll be busy on forgetting The Newsroom. I urgently need to don’t watch this show anymore,
before Lauren Sivan gets superpowers and burn me down, fireball style.
Even two PhD’s, seriously ?
Oh no.
Am just an old nerd who needs more sleep and an haircut now. Am never going to have sex again, ever.
And Lauren Sivan is still going to kill me. And what’s wrong with Japan ?! You know, I got
to throw an eye over there last night and, in general, am still called a moron.
Can you believe it ?
Pub The Universe – Tours – August 19, 2012
Presidential Document

Continuation of U.S. Drug Interdiction Assistance to the Government of Colombia

Presidential determination No. 2012-13 of August 10, 2012

Pursuant to the authority vested in me as President by section 1012 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1995, as amended (22 U.S.C. 2291-4), I hereby certify, with respect to Colombia, that: (1) interdiction of aircraft reasonably suspected to be primarily engaged in illicit drug trafficking in that country's airspace is necessary, because of the extraordinary threat posed by illicit drug trafficking to the national security of that country; and (2) Colombia has appropriate procedures in place to protect against innocent loss of life in the air and on the ground in connection with such interdiction, which shall at a minimum include effective means to identify and warn an aircraft before the use of force is directed against the aircraft.


The Secretary of State is authorized and directed to publish this determination in the Federal Register and to notify the Congress of this determination.



THE WHITE HOUSE, Washington, August 10, 2012.

[Federal Register Doc. 2012-20736

Filed August 20, 2012; 2:15 pm]

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