August 15, 2012


Hello, everybody.

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So, in 1989,
when I was 17 years old, we had in France a pre-internet called : The Minitel.
And everybody had it because it was free ; you just had to pick up one at the Post Office.
What wasn’t free was to use it. Therefore, being raised in a financially modest family, I
was among those absolutely forbidden to use it by his parents. You know, whatever the site,
you had to pay a fee every single minute. Several guys became really rich with porn chat rooms ;
only the phone book was a free site. But, one day, after school, I transgressed the rule and went to
the Mensa site to take, nervously, because my mother could have arrived at any moment, the
Mensa IQ test. So, I did it at fast as possible. Taking 3… maximum 5 seconds to solve the questions.
And I scored 139. Already knowing that you have to score 140 to get accepted in the Mensa,
I was kinda vexed. But not so, because of course, I knew that in normal conditions, that means
with much more time to solve the questions I couldn’t solve instantly, I would have score above 140.
I even suspect The Sky to have impeach me to be spotted too soon. I grew up in an very unfriendly
environment. You know, since 1999 and the first Prophecy I wrote and sent, “Maire de Tours”, 55 days
before “Lothar & Martin”, they tried to get me sent to a psychiatric hospital more than once, including
at the Tribunal of Tours. And I can tell you, I’ve been a perfect son. The only things I did during
all my time with them was the only ones I was authorized to do: Read books & shut the fuck up.
They even take any proof of Intelligence coming from me as an insult, as an insufferable
arrogance. Until recently my Son was afraid of me because of all the lies they tell him
about me. But I recently saw him deciding to don’t listen to them anymore and run away.
He’s coming to visit me soon. :)
Later, I took another IQ test, the one of the Army when it was mandatory to do it.
So, I didn’t slept a single minute that night, and spent it smoking hashish on my bong
all night long, till the hour to go to the army base to spend the morning taking tests.
I was just so wasted, and tired, when came the IQ test. But, if my memory is correct,
I scored a 96 points on a maximum of 106. They were supposed to propose
me to be an Officer and all. What a mess. Jimi Hendrix faked homosexuality
to avoid the army. I faked a nervous breakdown. For plenty of reasons
I’ll tell in the book am currently writing ( There’s a song for everything )
I’ll tell why. It’s just, I couldn’t go the Army.
I don’t tweet Lauren Sivan anymore since Sunday night.
It’s harder and harder for us.
The Dolphins.
*the screenshot comes
from: 1875 – 6.
the quote: from
The Dolphins.
The YouTube comment comes
from the video in: 1875 – 3.
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