August 7, 2012


Hello, everybody.

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Matrix Beat Report: Last night.
-Ah ! I last night lacked the courage to turn on the pc again to tweet to Lauren that
Gossip people also was reading the mOtherblog. So, now I regret because that
tweet would be now another proof of that am well informed about the future.
But it’s ok, I know you can believe that I could have send her this tweet.
The truth is even that, let’s be nice with the gossip magazines, we had an argument
with Lauren last night. Here the crispy details. Madam asked me how much I make. ^^
You know, she thought I was selling lots of books. And I sold just 1. Well, I suspect
that Christy Turlington bought me “Chronicle: Tell me gazelle” and, it’s quite a Pride,
but I have no proof, and, 1 book, means that I made $0.76. And it’s just the same
with my music of my photos, but in even worst ; I sold 0 of them. :) So, I live with
the $500 that everyone that has no job in france is entitled to receive.
Madam used to think that it’s a lot of fun to be persecuted.
And look at her today, talking about gossip money, huh. ^^
For almost five minutes, it’s was over. We were done. It’s was “So long looser !”
But them I shown her how pretentious she was being, and how’d she’d do without
all the hardware, including a car. And she started being Honest again. I wasn’t whining,
or asking her money; just answering her question. Then I finished thinking that, yeah,
she’s sexy in jeans but, when she wears a dress, boy oh boy, it’s a Beautiful day.
There’s more.
-We made Peace with the NASA too. ^^ The Official statement is that
I enlight/make smarter everybody, and that we’re Proud of each other. :)
-There’s also that vision I had of the journalist working at this town‘s Newspaper,
that I had before yesterday. But it’s a quite complicated Vision to decode.
I am not sure if they are all behind me, or all against me. :)
-There’s also the Sikh community, to whom we shown that they was bowing, yes, but
in the wrong direction. They don’t bow in front of me. So, when they do it, I see their backs.
That’s what they have to understand. To bow in front nothing doesn’t make it a Gesture.
-And, Kylie Minogue.
But I just don’t know what to say about these magic tweets.
I don’t trust her. And she prefers to watch the Olympics.
Uh ! her juguete shown her that he was looking for another woman.
The bastard had a lot of fun, but, you know, he has options too.
Oh ! The argument with Lauren started because
I never lie to her, and that’s what scares her.
Beer ?
@LaurenSivan - And Pamela ?
Gold: 36 photos
Since her field trip at the V.I.P,
compliments are precisely what
is not going to help her.
With my Brother from another mother, Jonathan, we decided that to be nice with ourselves, we’d go
once a month to a fancy little restaurant we can afford. So, past Saturday, we even chatted a lot
with the nice couple, in their early 50’s, next table. The guy’s a farmer. We chatted and laugh a lot.
There’s a moment, I don’t remember why, came in the conversation “my ex wife”. So, they felt that being
myself too a divorced Father was sort of forgiving all those in the same situation. And, since they arrived
a bit before us, they also left a bit before us. But since when I raised my hand to say goodbye when he
looked behind him towards us, they’re married.
I think a have a very good reputation in the countryside around Tours since a few days.
Oh ! I forgot. Last night, while working in the Matrix, I also checked that extremely beautiful
Kylie Minogue lookalike. You know, my age, a bit shorter than me. I mean, Tours exist since year
0033, and she’s the most Beautiful “Tourangelle” there ever was. She’s just so Perfect.
Model agencies told her “no” because of her height, but she’s surreal.
We cross by every now and then since we’re 16 years old. And am the only one who
never tried to flirt with her. But now she knows that I might become world big overnight.
Just another gold digger.
No worries.
 Red rose
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