August 6, 2012


Hello, everybody.

6:42 Los Angeles / 10:42 Rio de Janeiro / 15:42 Paris / 19:12 Mumbai / 22:42 Tokyo
Matrix Beat Report : last night
Heavens, am not sure I remember half of it. Let’s try.
-There’s the mother of my son Lucas, who, 15 years later, admits that she
told a whole bunch of lies, just to destroy what could have been a new life for me.
-There’s the church ( Catholic ), who is definitely against me. I mean, you’re going
to have to choose who you listen to between the “priests” & me.
You also certainly noticed that I never call someone: the anti-christ, so, let’s just post
a recent pic/article of the pope, and let you decide who you are going to Believe.
Or, if you prefer, who is who.
-Sadly, there’s also the NASA, despise all the facts, who is on a mission to prove that I am not God.
And by that, I mean that they’d deny evidences or even create fake ones, because, it’s a war.
Well, I don’t say that all of them are atheists, or any of other kind of vile men & woman, but yes,
it’s quite the general frame of mind over there, even if, believe me, some of them needed a chair,
suddenly, just because of what they see happen here in the mOtherblog. You know…
Prophecies, Miracles. Example: Watch again today’s first video, and return to 1854 – 15.
Astronaut Don Pettit even thinks that: “He’s ( me ) so dumb”.
So, I should stop Science. You know, they use it too badly.
-And yes !
Lauren Sivan said that: “We are the Best”.
I believe you, Boo !
That kind of horrendous attacks against women should at least decrease, if it’s not cease, in Colombia,
Mister Pettit. Because, strangely, since a couple days, the average Colombian male feels
like “caught”, and more aware that something’s really wrong.
Must See video.
In the Religion segment, The God of the old Testament is, with the help of “Science”,
diagnosed a psychopath with extreme narcissistic personality disorder.

0:00 Introduction
6:54 Creating Ideas & Illusions
16:48 Fear
19:35 Religion
25:00 Beware the 1%
28:10 Emulating Psychosis
31:21 Rewriting History
41:15 The Birth of Propaganda
45:49 Cover Ups and Omissions
54:10 Complicity
58:05 Censorship
1:01:50 International Diplomacy
1:06:14 Television
1:08:11 Advertising
1:14:36 The Cult of Celebrity
1:22:34 Distraction
1:28:01 Terrorism
1:35:00 The Revolution Starts Now


“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust,

unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal,

genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”

Richard Dawkins
Guess why.
Because, according to His Master in Honesty Richard Dawkins, nothing in this Universe that God created,
and confided to Men, is worth the Love we’re supposed to give back to him. No-thing.
God is a bad Father, and Dawkins a good boy.
am bad. Sorry, Father !
Red lips
Phew. We’re lucky there never was a physician so ignorant that he pretended that masturbating was healthy.
Otherwise, we’d have now legions of morons, masturbating all the time, whatever how deaf and unnerved it makes their spirit,
and spending the rest of their time with their head shoveled up their own butt to count how much pubic hair they have left.
Red rose
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