July 27, 2012


Hello, everybody.

6:18 Los Angeles / 10:18 Rio de Janeiro / 15:18 Paris / 18:48 Mumbai / 22:18 Tokyo
But, I have some sort of intuition that the Senate, I mean, am not sure that they talked about all that jazz,
or if it’s what they think, but, apparently, in their opinion, I am too violent. :) And… oh world… I just dreamt
of Lauren Sivan, in such a way, it’s going to ruin me. ^^. You know, I don’t want to create her problems,
I even try to assist her career like any Mister Right would do with his girl, so, I don’t sext her. Contrarily to me,
the Lady has a career, and bills to pay, isn’t it. Therefore, I am very sad to report that I dreamt that I send her
a Direct Tweet in which I ask her : “So, do I send you Adult stuff, yes or no?”. And then am in bed, with an erection,
who just don’t leave me alone, I have the impression that it goes for hours. Long story short, I suffer of
desire. ^^ Because, you know, to never masturbate has his upsides too. I desire her, and my Heart is
like a battery charged at 110%. So, at some point, am watching at my member in erection and, yeah !
even if am not porn star sized, just Beautifully for a 5’7 guy, I conclude that I have it long enough !
I even convince myself that yeah ! It’s wide enough ! And then, am suddenly at the door of my
apartment. There’s a couple people in our floor, and that girl I know since am a kid, but it’s not really
her, it’s a symbolic mashup of the French females, flirting on me. And she’s not really Beautiful.
Too much makeup, twisted posture. I even suspect the hot one at the gym to have fall in Love with me.
So, am kinda avoiding the gym these days. ^^ And boom ! Lauren appears ! Just when,
at a peak of sexual desire, am getting flirted on. The Lady kicks in, and she walks like an Amazon,
forehead up, well decided. But she don’t stop and enters the other apartment, bigger, with windows on both sides
of the building, of the neighbor on my left. The people on the floor were coming from there. The door was still open.
And she starts inspecting. She don’t care that it’s not our apartment. Rapidly, she even start’s cooking. ^^
While, I must confess, I finally have a clear view on her back. Thing I tried to find, unsuccessfully, on Google
Maps. You have it all, Woman. E-ve-ry-thing. You’re a Fairy now. I apologize for sharing this dream.
The French have a problem.
Matrix Beat Report: Last night.
-Saw Pamela, Radiating. :)
-Kylie, at my surprise, is still my Heart. To be Honest, I had to hang again on the wall
her Collector Maxi 45 Vinyl with that gorgeous photo of her on it.
-Steve Edwards works surrounded by women who calls me : Daddy. Careful, Steve. :)
-The Mayor of Boston saw how heinous he looks like on the other side.
-And Neil deGrasse Tyson wants to screw me. He believes that I am going to obey to “Heal him” orders (Stephen Hawking).
I guess you’re used to meet people impressed by you but, it’s not going to work with me, Neil.
I don’t take orders. Instead, try convincing Stephen to don’t whistle me like he does.
You know, he visibly needs to get Wiser, Neil.
-And the war against me, waged by the men hating women ( homos ), and the women hating men ( lesbians ),
should weaken I think, since everyday more people get smarter. I mean, who wants to be such an insufferable whiner ?
Besides people so dumb, and asleep, that they believe that their sexuality is interesting.
A sort of achievement of which they can be Proud of.
When they’re just so lame and heinous.
Afraid of Love, and of being Alive.
Love them, they need it cho.
Red lips
I don’t judge Muslim women dressed according to those stupid codes on that.
I do like if I ain’t noticed. That helps them. Same with LGBT. Instead of applauding them, you know,
like if you’d applause someone because he’s going to die of cancer, I do like if I ain’t noticed.
When you have a minimum of Class, you don’t need to brag about your sexuality.
It’s just a part of your life, and you’re bigger than your sexual life. So, I just keep
on radiating warmth, and the effect is instantaneous: You’re in front someone embarrassed
of being so futile, or heartless, or lewd, liar, lost, ugly, etc etc, most of time.
That helps them.
In classic painting, feet are used as a symbol of the Soul. Above it, there’s your Heart.
And above your Heart, there is your Spirit/Head, which your are in charge to keep under control.
So, as you can see, your sex is located between your Soul and your Heart.
Keep it there.
Capisci ?
Dat legs.
Good weekend, everybody.
Red rose
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