June 20, 2012


Hello, everybody.

6:50 Los Angeles / 10:50 Rio de Janeiro / 15:50 Paris / 19:20 Mumbai / 22:50 Tokyo
What I’d do once back In LA ? M’well, besides if it’s not already done,
a baby with you, a lot of things. :). Firstly, I’d calm down the entire city
just by being quietly in it. You’d see, in just a couple day/nights cycles,
it’s phenomenal. Like you saw me controlling the Weather, you’d see
with your own eyes that I control everything, including the circulation on the
roads, and therefore, everything going calmer, more harmoniously.
But LA is a big city, so, I guess that to do it on the entire area, it’ll
take me more time for it to be visible not only in our city block.
Doing what ? Nothing special, just Being me, normal.
You’ll see, people say that it’s all over me that I am God.
In 1999 people started calling me like that : God. Drunk people
first, was funny. I don’t know why, but once drunk, they must see me
differently, and unintentionally, they call me God, or ask me pardon,
suddenly, with apparently no reason; there’re having a WOW moment. A flash.
And when am getting tipsy myself, it become scary. I guess The Sky must have
fun pushing buttons, but shot after shot, I look less and less human, I just smile
and it’s countless miracles, just like a sun and his ray of lights.
You must see that. :)
But I don’t need to drink, it’s The Father who does what HE wants.
So, depending on the people, I’d start teaching what nobody knows.
I mean, I make everybody way smarter. You’d have see at the prison.
More time people spend with me, more they are one with me, more they
received my Spirit, more they are transfigured; their folks then tells then:
wow ! you changed ! And after a few time with me, they notice that it’s like
being in a mysterious roller-coaster;  they need to get wasted next Friday. ^^
And you’d also see that am Sacred. So, Miracles depend too on how people treats US.
Here in France they insult me way to much. They constantly try to downgrade me.
So, am busy making me Respect, while more Medical things could be done.
They just don’t deserve it. And by Sacred, I mean that you’d see that I make
Reign Love everywhere I am. Technically, I am already One with LA,
but it’s still like if the cornerstone wasn’t here.
And I guess that like at Tours’ Prison, I’d save a lot of people,
because with me they instantly see and understand more than
a few words can describe. It’s Revelations. Epiphanies.
They discover what’s wrong with them, therefore,
what they have to change.
They find: Equilibrium.
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Presidential Document

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, 2012

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

Every American deserves the chance to live out the full measure of their days in health and security. Yet, every year, millions of older Americans are denied that most basic opportunity due to abuse, neglect, or exploitation. On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, we call attention to this global public health issue, and we rededicate ourselves to providing our elders the care and protection they deserve.


Victims of elder abuse are parents and grandparents, neighbors and friends. Elder abuse cuts across race, gender, culture, and circumstance, and whether physical, emotional, or financial, it takes an unacceptable toll on individuals and families across our Nation. Seniors who experience abuse or neglect face a heightened risk of health complications and premature death, while financial exploitation can rob men and women of the security they have built over a lifetime. Tragically, many older Americans suffer in silence, burdened by fear, shame, or impairments that prevent them from speaking out about abuse.


We owe it to our seniors to expose elder abuse wherever we find it and take action to bring it to an end. Two years ago, I was proud to sign the Elder Justice Act, which was included in the Affordable Care Act, and marked a major step forward in the fight against elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation. With the Department of Health and Human Services, we are partnering with State and local authorities to ensure seniors can live their lives with dignity and independence. With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, we are working to empower older Americans with tools and information to navigate safely through financial challenges. And with the Department of Justice, we are protecting older Americans by prosecuting those who would target and exploit them.


Every day, State and local agencies, protective services professionals, law enforcement officers, private and non-profit organizations, and leaders throughout our communities help protect older Americans from abuse and provide care to those who have already been affected. Together, all of us can play a role in addressing this public health crisis that puts millions at risk. Today, let us keep faith with a generation of Americans by speaking out against elder abuse, advancing justice for victims, and building a Nation that preserves and protects the well-being of all who call it home.


NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim June 15, 2012, as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. I call upon all Americans to observe this day by learning the signs of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation, and by raising awareness about this public health issue.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourteenth day of June, in the year of our Lord two thousand twelve, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-sixth.


[Federal Register Doc. 2012-15170

Filed June 19, 2012; 8:45 am]

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By the way !
The Dodgers called me Jesus last night.
Yes Sirs, I heard you.
Call me
Uh – oh !
You’d also see haters, hating me, specifically me, and having
to make a decision about that if they don’t want to end up with
those who encourage them in that way. Sounds extremist like that.
But, believe me, as soon as I am here, it’s just crystal clear
that they accuse me of everything, all the time,
even if it’s just in thoughts, with no reasons.
Thank you again, Jonathan.
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Welcome aboard, EngineerGuyVideo.
8:48 pst / 17:48 gmt+1
That’s my Baddie.
break - am at the dentist
then at the gym ! 18:10 gmt+1
filmed just before the break
Just after the dentist, I passed by the mayor, rue Nationale, which is our Sunset Boulevard,
where Honoré de Balzac was born and all. And since he was walking as slowly as me,
I stopped and, hoofs on the hips, “Walking Bull” greeted him with a smiley and Soulful
Bonjour Monsieur le Maire !”. The funny thing is that, you know, he’s also a Senator,
like 20 years older than me, with the expensive suit that comes with it and all,
and still, am the one who looks like a Father Proud of his Son. ^^. If you want
to pass a phone call at the town hall, here the number ( 011 + 33 ) 02 47 21 60 00,
it’s tomorrow or never ! He knows that he has something to say,
with style, at the Senate. He found God, rue Nationale.
20:20 gmt+1
Good night, Laurena.
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