June 14, 2012


Hello, everybody.

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Le Lauren Sivan asked for a “Ventriloquist” Miracle.
The newest Jonathan Rosenberg’s comic.
See 1776.
She was miserable since that Miraculous kiss a year ago. But I dreamt last night that I was kissing her,
differently; she feels loved and is going to be happy from now. And i note this, or they’ll be no trace of it,
while am supposed to show as much verifiable Miracles as possible.
Note for the new readers.
I use to call Aishwarya Rai : Lakshmi.
They found it this week.
But don’t worry,
“priests” too are a bit slow; it’s a trend.
I mean, I went to the mass at the cathedral and all, past Sunday, and yes,
besides that instead of a sermon, the priest now plays a tune on “le pipeau*”,
there’s nothing new; Oh you sweet nuthing at all. Uh – oh ! Yes ! There’s something
new in fact! Now, when playing a tune about how many times God made Alliances with men,
on the “pipeau”, at least in Tours my town, you’ll have the pleasure to hear the priest jazzing
that God made an Alliance with Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, with a lot of people in fact, but David.
“Who ? Da what ? Never heard ‘bout !”
*tiniest woodwind recorder
“c’est du pipeau” is french
for “it’s bullshit”
Are you making it look like a Miracle, or is it me, Leeloo ?
Red lips
Am having a quite crazy day.
I tried to turn the mOtherblog onto a “Only Lauren Sivan” shrine, but
it put me in a situation, that I tried to fix ( see yesterday’s page ), with Pamela Anderson;
the under underground wild wild web is now waiting her answer.
And with that, I can’t help it, I dreamt last night that was making love to Aishwarya Rai,
and then, that I had sex with Selena, a petite Redheaded Mage you don’t know, my age, Floridian,
Pretty in real life and all ! fevered fan of the blog, with who I chat hours longs in World of Warcraft;
I mean, that was sex, not love making. I woke up with sheets to change.
Then, I had to go downtown today, to find a lawyer, because on June 21th,
the court is going to decide how much money I am going to have to give
to my “taller than me ex-convict so-called victim” who thought that it was
going to be a cake job to racket me.
If you are new readers of the mOtherblog, let me sum up for you.
According to the court of my town, last year, I suddenly and for the
first time of my life, violently assaulted someone, in this case, the guy
below my apartment who, as I wrote day after day here, was harassing me
and yelling at me through the window that he was about to cream me in the mouth
as soon as possible. And why do I did that ? Because I am paranoiac they said.
One year later I still none even took one aspirin, and none a single psychiatrist
they obliged me to see found me a sort of mental disease, besides as says the
report of the first one, a tiny “lack of emphaty”.
And, you know, when you take a look at Google maps,
all these people, I mean the court, everybody inside that building,
they are like 50 yards away from the town hall where, the secretaries of the Mayor,
received the October 8 1999 the first ever proof, by the Post Office Time Stamped,
of the Existence of God; “Maire de Tours*”.
*A two A4 pages long text
also sent to the journalists
almost 2 months before
the storms Lothar & Martin.
More than 10 years after, they keep on trying to look like they don’t know.
And they play it worse and worse.
See 1274.
Talking with Angels ( 1943 – 44 )
Dialogue 26
There is People who says that I am the first, and will stay, Master of the New Art.
Talking with Angels ( 1943 – 44 )
Dialogue 26
Watch this video till the end, or just the end of it, for the gag.
Good night, everybody.
( I receive reports from france and the Usa that the video is blocked but
it works with Apple’s Browser: Safari – will re upload it with no The Beatles in it.)
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