June 4, 2012


Hello, everybody.

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Heavens !
I got an answer from one of the main frenchie-frencho publishers: Denoël !
Which literally means “Of Christmas”. You know, like Pablo Dejesus. ^^. Wow.
It took them so long. I guess they must have learn to read first. And it’s a “No” of course.
Eh ! Usually, the “Service littéraire” or “Reading committee” is made of writers themselves.
You know, the kind of writers who sells books because mines are not published. They’d don’t
even find sex if I was seen. And they’d reproach to Django Reinhardt to play with two fingers only.
:) #Fact
Long story short, they’re going to steal me everything. And they just propose me
to send them six bocks if I want to see my manuscript again ; or they’re going to destroy it.
Go ahead ! Don’t hesitate ! I just don’t send you the two other books of that triptych.
I hope you don’t mind ! The second one even had Prophecies that of course became
facts since I wrote that book in 1999. And the third one, being the book that is even
going to make forget The Divine Comedy, you know, because I have some self respect,
I don’t want to see you putting that in a trash can. And I just hope you’re having fun
reading this blog, in which none a journalist on earth finds a scoop. Nothing worth
a line in his newspaper. And none a Men of God, a Son.
And yes,
Kelly Ripa is taking Grilling lessons. Life is Beautiful.
They’re should be two Mondays per week.
                                                                                                                                           Red rose
See 1762.
Red lips
I know that my apparent “homophobia” disturbs. But I’ve been Dj in a gay club.
I had a gay step brother during years. And no homo can say that I ever bullied him.
The thing is that when you’re a male, it is forbidden to hate women.
And when you are a female, it is forbidden to hate males.
Don’t try to make be believe that male homosexuality is love towards men.
It is hate towards women, or you’re never spent time with gays.
Or maybe it’s just you hate me like they do, because when you spent time with
gays, you know that they’re full of hate and lies. Sick hearts can’t Love.
Am inviting people to don’t be naïve. You know. Because as sure as gas chambers existed, or
that the world is filled with nuclear bombs, and that the French are going to be persecuted,
Heavens exists, and I am simply not going to let someone who wants to sodomize me
pass the door. Because I simply don’t want to be sodomized. Eh.
Do you see your feet ? In classic painting they use to be a symbol of the Soul.
Then, above, comes your Heart, which is the place you’re supposed to turn onto a Temple for God.
Because God resides everywhere within the Creation. And in the Human body, Heart is
where He dwells. And for that, above the heart, you have your Head/Spirit,
which you are in charge of. Tip ! Every single thought falls in your heart.
And then, if you have a Heart, comes the logic reaction. So, forget about being a weirdo.
There’s no weirdos in Heavens too. Control your head.
If you’re shacking your testicles in some stupid parade. Believe me, you are being
naïve. And you are way overestimating yourselves. Because sex is not an exploit.
Sex is just a question of money. Abstinence can be way smarter sometimes.
Mankind is no more a few endangered tribes. It’s like that. And Hearts can be sick also
because they grew up under attack. So, Love thy neighbor. Treat him like you’d treat
yourselves. You just don’t know everything about him or her.
And that don’t mean: “Be stupidly tolerant”. That more
means say Yes when it’s Yes, and No when it’s No.
And get rid of mockeries in you.
In the end. Everybody goes where he deserves to go.
And to finish, let me show you again that Science & Religion have always and
will ever be One. The rest it’s just kiddos knowing less that they suppose.
Reproduction by sexual relation as you know it is around 400 million years old on earth.
Before that, it’s all dividing cells as you saw on television. And to be like the Angels in Heaven
means that upstairs, Matthew 22:30, it’s like if there was only females, and God, and me,
and everywhere, the Holy – Spirit. And Pleasure still exists. It’s just, it’s different.
Told you, You’d see Monica Bellucci up there. She doesn’t even need a name. You see it’s her.
She looks like a sun. And she’s loving, Eternally. We Love & Serve.
And what you call a Sun, is the mass here of an Angel there.
That’s why, it’s so simple, Love God the Father
with all your Soul, Heart & Spirit.
Right. Masturbation is for preteenagers to discover sexuality.
Like life shows them animals doing it on TV or in the streets if you are too bigot to teach them.
After three – four times, they risk to get caught. And if they get caught, it’s The Sky who is
telling them that they’re already a bit “dumb” ( aggressive ) for their age. And more they’ll masturbate,
whatever the age, more they’ll get “deaf” ( dumb ).
What I mean is that lots of Priests and Nuns just torture themselves too much.
Living under laws obsolete since centuries. In a age where everybody’s going
to live a 100 or more years, they should learn a thing or two about life first.
Meditate on that till this picture makes you smile.
Because Jesus taught you everything again.
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