April 25, 2012

Authentic Modern Prophecy ( New : Translated to English - Right Below the Letter )

Clickez sur la lettre pour voir la Prophétie

Mister President of the French Republic

Everyday more people acknowledge the existence of the Prophecy "*Mais Theo"  that I went to deliver
in person to the Bailiff of the **Prefect at the Prefecture of Tours,
several months before the heat wave of summer 2003***.
Families of victims are going to sue**** the French State.

( In the second and third paragraphs I try to obtain
a traditional post elections traditional presidential
pardon for little "crimes" for "everybody" - since Sarkozy
broke the tradition and the gop candidate ain't say
anything about his intentions )

* french pun meaning "And God?" & "Weather Report" at the same time.

**chief administrator ( therefore, Highest representative of the President ) at the Préfecture which
is the administrative centre of local government usually situated in the main city in the departement.

***+40.000 deads in Europe

****for no assistance to someone in danger ( french law )

A click on the letter takes you to a photo of that Prophecy.
And even to "Mais Theo/Weather Report 2", which is the second
Prophecy in the Perfect Crimes series. That second Prophecy was made,
( including the two points in the middle ), printed, photocopied, distributed, and seen by hundreds,
more than 1 years before the two tsunami waves of 2004. See wikipedia : Teletsunami
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