April 24, 2012


Hello, everybody.
6:51am Los Angeles / 10:51am Rio de Janeiro / 3:51pm Paris / 7:21pm Mumbai / 10:51pm Tokyo
Today's page visibly starts on the grey foot. So, let's share some news !
I think that Lauren Sivan might be currently single, or separated if you prefer.
Therefore, I might be flirting, on something that has a pulse, without breaking at least a law ! Eh.
Which is kinda, contrarily to what you're thinking right now, a back to normal for me. Since, believe me,
I tried really hard to be a good guy. But after having been constantly disappointed by French females,
I fell desperately in love with Kylie Minogue, in 2003, while listening "Your disco needs you" for the first time.
It's my problem in Life, my disease, I fall in Love all the time, it's such a pain. But it's ok ! Am healed !
Since her speech at the Aria's ceremony, it's over. I. Give. Up. Am Minogue vaccinated. And she don't wants me too.
We could even be good friends ! I'll do you a 50% discount if you ever want a Santa bass line, Kylie ! $75.000 only !
Ain't it cool news ? I mean, Pamela Anderson told me : "Make money first". So, should I complain ? No. On it, Boo ! :)
And it was about time. Imagine, I went to prison with my Kylie Minogue tee shirt on. The same tee shirt am
wearing right now, but right now it's just because I barely have clothes. Huh, you thought you had problems in life , huh ? You don't.
But I did quite well ! After three nights at the prison, there was no more horror screams at night. And we're talking about a French prison.
Country champion of the world of antidepressant pills takers ! None a single holw ! During the five months I was there !
Prison nights church like quiet. And after a week, it was gay to slam the cell door to call a prison warder. There was something
new at the prison : Respect. I am even these days trying to clarify this with the Police and the Court of my town.
Since I sincerely believe that the prison wards could share some anecdotes.
I just hope they got that since 1997, am condemned to live alone, on the dole.
Well, what was I talking about ? Ah, yes ! News ! Am back in business with Cardinal André Vingt-Trois ! Ex Archbishop of Tours.
Now at Notre Dame in Paris. Which is kinda a big deal, you know. It's official for him : I am the Locomotive. We made Peace.
! All aboard ! Since, sorry, I am not a giant wooden or stone statue. I am a Locomotive. 5'7'' ( 170cm ) tall. Deal with it.
And the mOtherblog is having a cute Candisis Swanepoelia again. It's chronicle. Expect to see her again and again.
Like if being so in Love with Norah Jones wasn't troubles enough. I have my ticket for her concert in Paris in a month.
And I saw her naked last night. Beautiful chiaroscuro of her back left profile. Her hip, her hand caressing her thigh.
Something deep as a night. A Love call. I think am going to try to sneak my little Fujifilm T200* to the concert.
She's going to feel my presence. She's going to do a sweet mistake. I must film that. At least a photo !
She saw my comment on the video she posted last night.
Voila. More news ? Mmm... Yes ! Megan Fox is pregnant since at least page : 1657 - 7.
And the English word for spoon is not tablespoon.
Congratulations, Megan.
*@GermainPhoto : Exaucé ?
Will you be my aspirin ?
Red lips
And 14...
So, you too are a Locomotive ?
Red lips
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