April 7, 2012


Hello, everybody.
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La table du grand marché - Tours - April 6, 2012
Les Trois Rois* - Tours - April 7, 2012 - 1am
*the 3 kings
It's just, i was about to do some french fries, and... a shacked potato in the hand, I decided
that I was going to eat at a restaurant, na ! So, I found this one plaza of the great market.
And once there, eating the first course, I realized that I already ate a first course at home, uh.
How silly is that ? The urge to go out went so suddenly. It's epic how hard i need to get laid. ^^
But it's a couple in their sixties who came to sat by me. And, sorry, not that was spying, it's just there was just a meter away,
so I heard them talking about publishers and their weird manners ( drôle de moeurs - if I remember the exact words),
about writers and published books; I just can't tell if he's himself a writer, or if it's someone very close to him.
So, I terrorized everybody. :). I mean, when I stood to leave the restaurant, I politely interrupted them, to give
him my card, and tell him that "I think that Denoel is going to give me a positive answer", and that he'll like that blog.
But in fact, him, his lady and even the other couple by them, they already knew who I am, so, wow, I mean,
sometimes I don't fully realize how afraid the people are to hear me asking them to follow me. ^^.
Cold sweat for everybody ! But I stay simpatico, I keep it short ! Tonic ! Ten seconds max !
After, they need to breathe. You know, they are being too late; journalists, politicians, priests, etc. etc.
Let's say it, there is a problem with the "elites" in this country. They are filthy. They stink. It's within.
That's why it goes wrong when the person in front of me act like if she didn't knew. Because, just the way I keep
on watching and smiling, visibly ain't disturbed at all, the person fell getting caught lying, and it become embarrassing.
Like the reception woman at Radio France Blou a few days ago.
Long story short ! Sorry, am already tired to write. I made some new readers/followers. Then
I went to have some drinks in a half dozen bars & night clubs, to eventually come back home alone,
and wake up with painful hair. I look too sure of me. Got insulted by the arabic bouncer
on my way in the Excalibur ( night club ), who reproached me to come alone, with certainly enough cash
to find a female he meant I guess. Because you know, women belongs to him, he is a good muslim,
72 virgins are waiting for him somewhere, certainly. And after two glasses of champagne,
I got insulted by the african bouncer on my way out who, smiley, asked me "what's this ? is it a glass ?". He was talking about
my bumbag, like if he was talking to a drunk young man 18 years old messing around sympathetically.
So, instead of telling him "it's the Excalibur.", because my smile was visibly giving him some size complexes,
I told him to have me coming once again in this night club, they'll have to pay me. Seriously, I went hundreds of times
there, it was always packed like a pilchards can; last night it's was 95% empty at 1am. First things first,
they need a new pair of bouncers, two men just doing their job, just like at El Patio, and not
a pair of idiots believing that they are smart and funny.
Uh - oh ! There's the mother of my son, in tears alone in her bathroom, asking me pardon for
having tortured me, because all the people she manipulated hate her now. Eh. And there's Lauren Sivan,
I mean her Soul, afraid that next time it could be some pretty girl in front of me at the restaurant.
But, in a Beautiful way, really, like a Spouse with a upper S, who does not want to loose her husband.
And it's such a compliment ! Heavens, I already feel guilty ! And am alone at home writing this.
Red rose
Red lips
Excuse me, I don't what's wrong with me today.
Except that I have an headache.
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