March 27, 2012


Hello, everybody.
7:35am Los Angeles / 11:35am Rio de Janeiro / 4:35pm Here Gmt / 8:05pm Mumbai / 11:35pm Tokyo
'Careful, Lauren.
It's desperate DeSign porn day on the mOtherblog today. So, at some point,
there should be a photo or two of Maria Bello. It's just, it use to be like that.
See ? See ? I knew it.
Red lips
Moments like last's night one, it's anytime you want, Sweetie.
10 minutes before 1642 - 14.
Red rose
So, after a magic moment with Candice Swanepoel and then with Kylie Minogue,
I last night dreamt of Lauren Sivan. Am sat in a train station, on the kind of one by one by one
by one benches you can find by the railroads. And someone nervous, embarrassing, sit's by me.
He has a white plastic bag he puts by my right foot and starts searching in it. There's a lot of pot in it.
There's also a fat tablet of cocaine, pills of several colors, and even a big and thin black wasp,
coming out a little bamboo bong, and this wasp is the current final boss of the world of warcraft game.
Long story short, that bag full of addictions is Los Angeles. I worry that I must not be seen with him/that.
So, I give to the devil, since it's him, the look of the stronger and smarter than him
Man who is not going to get screwed or afraid by him. And I see Lauren over there.
Booth lady, :), behind some tall reception or tickets selling desk. Then, it becomes confuse.
I mean I don't remember clearly the rest of my dream. I just know that it was not sexual.
But I remember of me putting bags in the trunk of a white car. Am moving.
Also, let's be nice and say hello to the medical team of the Psychology Clinic University
of Saint Cyr sur Loire, where I was scandalously condemned to go, twice, and where am not going to return.
I mean, Dr Mathieu Chicoisne, very surprised that I knew his first name the first time we met,
and who did not find out in three weeks that I simply saw it written on his desktop screen, received
this monday, a polite one sentence long letter from me, saying :
"La Psychiatry ne consiste pas à faire semblant de ne pas savoir avec qui l'on parle."
"Psychiatry does not consist in pretending that you don't know with who you are talking to."
Seen by the all clinic before him, since I did not put his name on the envelope, just on the letter. ^^
But hey, he deserved it, he knows there was no need to ask me to come back for a third time.
So, hello to you over there, and specially to that other Dr who saw me waiting around the last
time I was there. ( He knows why - that letter in the hand - Classy black suit jacket )
I mean, if only I had taken a photo of the Romanian Sir in 1638 - 9 the first time I saw him
there at the Basilica Saint - Martin. Or, I should say, the first time he saw me,
you'd be astonished by the Transfiguration.
And, sorry for the quality of the videos today Lauren, it's just, you know, 95% of the time,
I improvise the blog entry like today. You'd be by my side, you'd have saw me looking for and posting
the pic in 2. Then finding the video in update 3, then thinking about a couple pics of Megan Fox,
then finding the faucets in update 5, etc. etc. But, last night, I found the video am going to put in update 25.
Oops !.
Uh - oh !
Since there's a lot of Doctors being new readers of the blog since a few days,
here an old quote of mine for you : Your thoughts become energy.
Amicably: ö (¨ ).
( ¨) Ö ö ö
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