November 9, 2011

Hello & Welcome to the mOtherblog

Here if you want the long story short: Album.

You’ll find in this now closed blog countless Miracles and Prophecies.
If you start reading the blog every day, you’ll see it by yourselves.

Example: Page 359 – 16, 17, 18, made the June 30, 2010,
9 months before Sendaï’s ( Japan ) giant earthquake/tsunami of March 2011.
A bit before, while, and a bit after the earthquake, I was doing : 1119.

Maybe give it a slow look...

1531 - 8 & 9 is a Black & White Masterpiece.
1477 is Miraculous. Don Cornelius' Prophecy is in the Amazing 1529.

I often talked about the other Religions, but the last time I did it for the new readers was in 1525.
Don't read the mOtherblog too fast ; slow down enough to get into the chain reaction.

And read 1676, this one will give you a Perfect idea of how Glorious the mOtherblog is.
1736 is Perfect. And many other pages are just like 1736.
1750 contain a Miracle. And many other pages are just like 1750.
And 1758 proves that Endless Miracles can’t be a scam.

For the Lauren Sivan's Historical Supersonic LA Winds/Earthquakes Prophecies/Miracles Series,
that started in Blog Entry : 1302 - 1 to 7, and runs through the mOtherblog till Blog Entry : 1437 - 1 to 24,
you can click here to access the recap in Blog Entry : 1505 - 8.

For 40, the sculpture ( made up of two A4 pages ) of the Twin Towers I made the February 9, 2001
here in the French town Tours ( which means literally Towers in English ), and then photocopied
and distributed to a few selected high places, click here if you want to see a photo of it : 40.
I posted that photo and another one of it in : 1415. And if you can't read French, Verse 5 :
"Contre eux... Le sol se dérobe..." means : "Against them... The soil slips away..."

The Batman Miracle is in 1836.

And these are a just few examples...
To learn about The Prophecy that started it all, "Maire de tours",
received and dated by the french administration 55 days before "Lothar & Martin",
which are the two millennium storms of the 26 and 27 December 1999,
read this blog entry : 1274

The other Biblical Sized Prophecies of the Perfect Crimes series are reunited,
re explained, and available as free download, Since February 19, 2012,
The blog is made out of Daily News’, made out of usually 24 updates.

If you are a new reader, i suggest you to pick up a “Dn” in the archives ;
like Dn 999 for example, Or Dn 1136; why not 793 ? Or the first one of the current year,
month or week, and then, read it going from newer post to newer post till you catch up.
The week going from Monday, August 27, 2012 to Friday 31, August 31, 2012
is Perfect for new readers to discover how amazing the blog is.
Click on this number to start reading it : 1893.

Here the Font I used till page 1707 ; install it in your C:/Windows/Fonts : Free Download link.

Since 1707 I use the Arial font that everybody has.

To find your way here, you can,
for example, Google : yhwh1972 and the number of some page.
Or : yhwh1972 + <some keywords>, and you’ll find what you need.
Play ! Have fun ! And don’t read too fast.

Every photo has a meaning ; every article,  text, song,
miraculously, has a reason to be where they are.

When the cursor of your mouse becomes a hand, click on the image,
or you’ll see the blog as you see the forest when you’re hugging a tree ;
you’d miss the endless chorus of Divine Beauty.

The TALKING WITH ANGELS YouTube video is : ( ¨) HERE (¨ ).

And the Letter to the former French President is : Here.
Both are Absolute Must Reads.

This blog has now 3 names. 1 : The Blog of God. 2 : The Perfect Show.
And since Daily News 1326, It's : the mOtherblog !
So, what was Daily News’ ( Dn’s ),
became Blog Entries ( B.e’s ) and are now Pages.

And since I was born in raised in france,
I'll don't ask you to excuse my french.

You are now Ready to Click on the Grey Dot in the Header.
Hello. My name is David Santamaria,
And I am The One.
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