September 20, 2011


Ok Gabe... :)... Here the new vid... The first minute is missing...
The first minute only !... I promise... Had another stooopid moment...
A bad click... But it's really the first take... Second attempt... Visibly thinking !... :)...
Excellent game by the way... I'll finisht it for the pleasure to resolve puzzles...
The first one was excellent too... This one is even better...
Don't mind if i don't take the time to do more vids... I have a Downtown L.A situation here...
It's patch day on World of warcratf... And because some new feature...
I can't log anymore on the American servers from europe...
Re-installing the game and stuff !...
Busy !...
Eh... Scary...
break - cooking - 8:24pm
Huh ?... What ?... A cookecy ?...
A catastrophy ?...
A night with me ?... Huh ?... Don't you prefer an Eternity ?...
) break - cooking - really - 8:45 (:
Oh my God...
This is too good to be true...
Barack Obama - September 20, 2011
8:25 Gmt
Om nom nom nom...
Red lips
good night - 23:31
Hello everybody - 8:27am - September 21
I know am still not taken seriously by some people... Because i support Mister Hawkins view about what you know...
And even announce it frankly... But it looks like a perfect moment to me to remind that...
Believe it... We're right now observed by something "rocky"...
And shaped like this...
The Holy - Bible
Revelation - Chapter 3 V.7 - 13

Write to the angel of the church in Philadelphia and say,
"Here is the message of the holy and true one who has the key of David,
so that when he opens, no one will close, and when he closes, no one will open:

I know about your activities. Look, I have opened in front of you a door that no one
will be able to close -- and I know that though you are not very strong,
you have kept my commandments and not disowned my name.
Look, I am going to make the synagogue of satan -- those who falsely claim to be Jews,
but are liars, because they are no such thing -- I will make them come and fall at
your feet and recognize that I have loved you.

Because you have kept my commandment to persevere, I will keep you safe in the time of
trial which is coming for the whole world, to put the people of the world to the test.

I am coming soon: hold firmly to what you already have, and let no one take your victor's crown away from you.

Anyone who proves victorious I will make into a pillar in the sanctuary of my God, and it will
stay there for ever; I will inscribe on it the name of my God and the name of the city of my God,
the new Jerusalem which is coming down from my God in heaven, and my own new name as well.

Let anyone who can hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

You betta be frickin' ready... Whole world...
On my way to post Otis Redding... Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa...
At the worst moment sweetie...
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