March 6, 2011


Am so impress...
Those who have read On the road by Jack Kerouac...
Must be laughing even harder right now...
We've found the new Dean Moriarty...
Because you should have respect that mom in a million for once...
I hate the news...
Me too sweetie...
Red rose
Supreme God of the romans, he correspond to the Zeus of the Greeks.
He appears as the divinity of the sky, of the day light, of the weather, of the lightning and the thunder,
of the sovereign power, president of the counsel of the gods ( ^^ ), the one from whom emanates all authority.
Jupiter symbolize the authoritarian order, who is imposed from the outside. Sure of his good right and of his power of decision,
he doesn't seek dialogue or persuasion; he thunder.
The Celtic Jupiter wears the name of Taranis, ( the thunderer ), and the divinity is in most of cases represented with a wheel
as main emblem. But that wheel is not the symbol of the thunder like many erudites used to think, she is the cosmic wheel
that you can find in Ireland in the wheel of Mog Ruith, servant of the wheel. The main aspect of the Celtic Jupiter is nevertheless the dagda good god,
owner of two royal talismans, the caldron of abundance and of resurrection, first archetypal of the Holy - Grail,
and the club who kills by one side and resurrects by the other one. It's the club who correspond to Jupiter's fulmen
and to Indra's vajra.
Other aspects of Jupiter are: in gaul Sucellus ( the good hitter ) the god with the mallet; and in Ireland Manannan ( Master of the other world ).
The dadga is the father of Bridget ( Minerva ), herself mother of all the gods. He is also the father of Oengus ( Apollo in his youth )
by adultery with his sister, who is the wife of his brother Elcmar ( dark, bad ), god of the night.
He is also one of the main combatants of the Mag Tured cosmic battle against the fomorians. With his brother Ogme
( whom Elcmar is certainly one of his other names ) he is one of the aspects of the sovereign duality
represented in India by Mitra - Varuna.
The dagda is Mitra, god of the friendship, of the contracts, and also of the juridical trick.
But the Celtic conception insist more on his aspect of master of the manifestation
than on his sovereign aspect of god of the sky. He is the archetypal of the druid-god.
By his size and position, the planet who wears his name takes the central place among the celestial bodies spinning around the sun.
She is preceded by Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt, and she's followed by the same number of planets :
Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluton and the transplutonian planets, whose the first one is already named Minos by some people.
In analogy to this important place, Jupiter incarnates in astrology the principle of equilibrium, of authority, of order,
of stability in the progress, of abundance, of preservation in the established hierarchy. She is the planet of the social legality,
of the wealth, of the optimism and the confidence. The ancients rewarded her with the name of Great Beneficial.
In the zodiac she governs the Sagittarius, sign of the Justice, and the Pisces, sign of the philanthropy.
Medicine and jurisprudence are her privileged professions. In the human organism she survey the good
functioning of the blood circulation and of the liver.
The most voluminous of our planets, spinning around her vertical axis with majesty, carrying in her course the cortege
of her numerous satellites, is by herself a show for the beholder of the night sky.
If Zeus had the favor of Amalthée the goat and have as attribute the horn of abundance, if he is the sovereign organizer
and regulator of the goods for each humans, Jupiter incarnates himself at the crepuscular hour, where the baby drinks the
maternal milk and do the acquisition of the learning of his instincts.
Thus the Jupiterian condition of the human being, inscribing herself in a continuous row of who accumulates acquisitions,
advantages, profits, benefits and various kindnesses destined to satisfied his consumers appetite, his owner instincts,
his terrestrial life, whatever if it's about having something or being someone.
This repetitive sketch of vital enrichment inseparable from the state of greediness, of trust, of confidence,
of generosity, of optimism, of altruism, of peace and of happiness, contributes in nourishing the health
and the growing up of the evolution of the beings, made by a society more happy under the regime and
the laws of the moral principals, and where each one can freely access the plenitude of his potential
and the mastering of his own might.
Red rose
@CharlieSheen's_prostitutes - Seriously... I know the men... So am ok to give you a hand to leave that house
to start something new... You know... Death threats to Denise Richards... Game over...
German psychic...
Scary !...
Red heart
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