February 10, 2011


Red heart
Red rose
        Red heart
hello everyone
hello my sweet little face
my dear madonna
since you know now that i use to say the things , let's say it
concerning the excuses you want me to express , take all your dildos
all your pills , every jerks you blown in your life , your banks accounts
do a heap with it , and if it's what you really want , sat on it
you're not god , i am god
it's not me you is going to say , please can i lick your clit
it's you who have the chance to maybe suck my cock someday
it's different
you know , am broken since a decade , i have no career
but i don't sucks cocks , i don't fuck for that
that's what called dignity , you know , self respect
intelligence , wisdom , strength , and even piety
don't think that you are going to give me orders , i give orders
when i say for example to eva longoria , you don't put a cock in your mouth
she don't put a cock in her mouth , and if she do it again , simple
we'll don't do her a single reproach , she'll just continue her life as she wants
you can do it if you want , i don't dream to have sex with you
frankly , who wants sex with a clitoridian ? see , i don't need you
even for me to have a career , or cash , it's all in Father's hands
but i use to treat women like goddesses , and am ok to treat you the same way
i even listen what my wife say , and trust me , when she say something wise , i listen
but for that you have to stick to your role , me , am never lost , in a restaurant
i become rapidly the favorite client , you know i treat nobody like shit , i respect the people
i create no problems , and there'll be no hordes of screaming virgins , crying how mucho they luve me
i mean even walking in the streets , like that , in new york or tokyo without bodyguards
am a simple man
the thing is that i am Jesus - Christ for real
like everybody , you see here prophecies and miracles everyday
because miracles is what i do all day long , and it don't cost an effort
i mean , it's my job , i don't pretend to be almighty , i am
that's why am not afraid , that's why i don't hide myself , am ain't no scam
and that's what everybody see , even when it's not on the internet
but raw , in the "real" life , 24/7 , am just myself , in front a mirror
i brush my teeth , i shave , and , and i don't go : " oh my god ! am god ! "
so don't forget that am back to Judge , not to distribute excuses and lub my own butt
you're with me ? ok ! why not ! nice , but prove it , i don't make money using your name
you know , lalalalala aw jesus - christ i always searched you i need you in want you i luve you so
if you think about it a sec , x - static process and other of your songs
they are a millimeter away to be an amazing heap of insults
me , i cast no shadows , what i say is
those who are with me , they decide freely to be with me , they choose themselves
and then they prove they are with me , and it's the same with those who are against me
that'll simply give 2 camps of people , those who are with me and who go where i go
and those who are against me and go where they want to go , quite simple
those 2 camps will have really no more contact , ever , and everybody will be where he deserve to be
i just remind you that healing you have been a long process
who started by extracting you from that bed covered with 3 inches of vomit
imagine , thing who made me puke here , in my apartment in frankreich
imagine how disgusting , the odor and all
and i'll don't do it again , am not your chihuahua , or your dildo boy
and if you want to be reassured , well , i don't swear or use slang words when i talk
here it's also literature , and already history , but what's written always fly away
there is already hundreds of priest who can't wait to change a little word
who can't wait to take a tiny cute adorable twinkle to put her just behind another word
what stays is what is said , and am ain't no shame , anywhere
i even know how to use a fork
so , sweetie , really , do as you want
but don't forget who i am
Red rose
Red heart
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