February 8, 2011


sporty night
monica bellucci did her first kill , like that , crack ! first bullet first kill , pro , :)
she's a mystic now , watch your fingers around her , once you do the mistake
everything could really become weird for you , in no time , a catess on two legs ! venere , la dea de'll amore
i have only one thing to say cherubina , an heroic son
so be careful if you plan to put her couple in danger
cause if she needs a hand , you could suddenly find god her husband just behind your back
or like pamela anderson last night , suddenly surrounded and obliged to live the place
because frankly , you're just such a prick
and bertha wants a video games abc
so lets' do it well , since many people is ready , lets' do it for you and everybody
but like if everybody was a beginner
let's kick the shame in the butt
sportmen/women are everywhere , and nobody finds that ridiculous , and it's just the same , games
and no theer is noshame to play chess or card games even if you are an old timer
so it's just the same with video games , till you are serious when you don't play...
or don't take yourself for his majesty lol my chick run so out of hair gel
my first cherry pick
worms online for ipad or not , but worms
it of course depends on whit who you are going to play
but if play it with sympathetic people , you can pass a funny hour
perfect game for beginners , but still really good , all you need to do
is to find the timer in the options and set it to ∞ ) no time (
sure you're having the giggles in five minutes
with joystick , like you shown me
the best i know on xbox , it's halo
but it's going to be hard for beginners , till you are used to move your character easily
it's just like learning to ride a bike , more you'll try better you'll become , but still quite hard
like fear lets' say , but the multiplayer section is the best one i know you can find in online gaming with a joystick
you have 2 kinds of grenades , the second has glu on it , that means that's sometimes , you see someone
hop , passing in front of you , with a grenade , who is going to explose in two seconds , glued i let you guess where
so , beleive me , when it's your grenade , you're having the best time of your life
you have metal gear solid on playstations , slow game
not fast like halo who is more like fear for example
very very good game , more realistic , inflitration , perfect to learn how to use a joystick
but personally , what i'd love to show you
it's battelfield 2 from my helicopter , even totally beginner sure you'd love
32 players vs 32 , several flags you must capture or defend , an octoberfest 24/7 365/365
overcoat in my helico , ^^ , you could right now , in that game , you can be 2 in the attack helicopters
like for example me piloting , and you sat in the front seat
there you just have the mouse to use to shoot on everything that move a finger
and once you have a good team like that in a helico , it becomes priceless , in five minutes
you have all the guys from the other team running after you , with bazookas , jeeps , boats ,
artillery bombings from you don't even know where and even jet fighters , a conga line made out of steel
in the new battlefield for example , battlefield 2142 , there is no more helicopters
so i switched to the walkers , but it didn't worked , there is not so many servers
and am banned for ever from maybe a thirty , too mean
gnn !
reminds me that i erased the characters i played a few there , madonna_4_ever , true story , ^^
i think that my 4_kylie still exists , but where's my password ? mystery , :)
and no way i can play and film these games with this computer
what i counsel you
since you have a kid show , really if you want to discover the video games world
without difficulties , at your pace , even if it's just an hour sometimes , but with fun and all
it's world of warcraft , easy
you go on us.battle.net , you click on free trial 10 days
install the game on your pc , and then you create your character since it's you , i counsel you a paladin
or a mage , and alliance side huh ! no jokes , hordes are just a bunch of sissies , ^^
what to do then ?
ah ! easy too ! first you go on the options and you shut down the music ! :) , i mean it
then once you're back in the game , you press enter and type something like : help ! am a noob ! first video game day mom here !!!
chances are that just around there is another mom who was jut like you six month ago , but playing a dranei warrior level 15000
on an elephant 4 meters tall , with on her an armor of 300 kilograms  and a blasting sword
she'll just be so happy to teach you the basics of how to take a quest , how to do it , how to use the map
everything ! and you're not even obliged to play , you can be just there chatting around
whatever the hour , there is always hundreds and hundreds of players connected
just start on a recommended pve server
and overcoat don't join a guild !!!
i mean it , wait ours
"fonk and pop corn"
and resurrect nobody !!!
overcoat not a warlock , if he's dead he just got what he deserved
i really mean it
reminds me that i was supposed to call the guild "indians allowed"
sad , "crit club" was such a good guild name too
yes ! perfect for you in my opinion , if you play it
try a paladin and do a healer out of him
i mean it
wait i don't remember how to play on a american server from frankreich
tomorrow i'll create a free for 10 days character and i'll tell you on which server i'll be
hoomph !
hello everyone
hello sweetheart
) "mer" is french for sea (:
) posted 5 hours ago and less (:
hello amore
ah , good question , "what to do ?"
personally , i'd be the boss at the nasa , since atheism is dead ) there's just some zombies left (:
i'd make sure that everybody have at least take a look at the catechism
or you know , anytime you talk about god or religion , it's like you're talking about a movie you never saw
and overcoat at talking with angels too , am so far to be alone , like that
you'd see who's serious and who's just having bad intentions
nobody wants to see another challenger catastrophe
but that's what happen when you don't listen me
because don't listening me is already jeering at me
and once you pay attention , you'll notice that god talk to you everyday
whatever how many you are , even if it's just to say hello
just don't listen too much you own imagination
common mistake
see ?
most serious man ever
you'd be god the father
you'd confide me life or death right on all mankind
for all mankind
i mean it
9.0 giga download !
forget it
yeah , there's a model wannabe 44 inches tall who wants to meet him so hard
and since i don't plan to waste a single minute with a sperm sponge
Red lips
hello faithful
wow , :)
Red rose
posted an hour ago
you're too sure that i automatically forgive while you're humiliating us all
i wish you'll meet now the kind of guy who'll gently make smile christy or daniela
you'll see , in the beginning , they are formidable , just buy them a real crucifix
with a under a half pound model , they just look hypocrite , xoxo...
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