February 5, 2011


what ?
the jew people has to accept that they were supposed to return to israel since at least the steam machine
that means around the mid 1800's , laziness is a grave sin , that means a sin who conducts you directly to death
good question !
what would i'd have done ?
well , if i had been the german furher in the 1930's , no doubt that i had been as smart as now
so , i'd have known that too , and since am not lazy too , at almost no cost , i'd have put the poor ones
the unemployed , in trains , in boats , for free ! and with months long for them to prepare their expulsion
to send them back to israel , not the rich ones ! they are like the crabs , they jet - set !
well , of course , they'd have hate me so much first , but am quite sure that now
they'd be thinking , that furher ! damn , he helped us after all , look what's israel now !
lol , he was so dumb
ah yes
i should remind you this too
don't forget that nowedays , huh , 2011 , frankreich as for furher a genius who said
during his presidential campaign* that , word for word ! "man is not a merchandise like the other ones"
that means that if he had been the furher in the 30's , smart as he is
he'd have put you , and me first , in a train to a gaz chamber
but he's so photogenic
) *i posted the video in the begin of the blog (
don't give him a sword , he'd look like an Archangel
i so agree with you koko , men seen as a merchandise are totally overrated
they stink , they fart , they burp , and they only think about having sex !
starving ?
i agree sweetie , it's amazing what you can learn in a chakabalaka center , for a modest fee of $25.000.000
thank God i had the idea to multiply and share here my bread for free
i'd look so obsolete otherwise
oh crap ! wait
i'd be sued for extortion or something
scam on the merchandise !
no ?
to give you back every single cent
should be seen as a wise gesture by every serious jew
in my humble opinion
so , my guess
since we are talking about money
is that you'll never see that money again
after all , hell exists for certain reasons
Red rose
yes , i stop them
they're lucky am doing it from frankreich
i'd be doing it from new - york , it'd be with a saucepan
you'd love to see that
am a metronome on two legs
nostalgia ! ah
ww2 that was beautiful , 50.000.000 dead
my father's touch , me i don't score the same
100.000 , 250.000 sometimes , i hope to top the million someday
my way , like that , suddenly , hoomph , crack !
but am a noob compared to my Father
"i should obey."
madonna ciccone
february 5, 2011 - 23:13 gmt
oh woman
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