February 3, 2011


of course krishnette
now he promises to build a family , it's ok , i'll destroy them first
look pediatric hospitals , they are so full of so called adorable angels
him , i'll finish him when he'll beg for mercy , i mean it , you can show that to your lawyer
serious death threat , sadly , am going to screw you so well , that nobody will can complain
family first !
of course you know where i live velencoso
everybody knows , why i should hide myself ?
david santamaria
61, rue rouget de l'isle
3700 tours
want more details ?
easy , last floor , on the left , left door
but once my pc is on am busy , i'll don't even answer at the door
try early in the morning , 6:30 or 7 am , depends on which bakery i go
and try with two - three good amigos , since don't doubt that i'll be waiting you outside
five minutes before , knowing before you each of your gestures even before you think about doing them
just check before on google maps where's that hospital 500 yards from my apartment
since you'll finish running around there , looking for the emergency block
to stitch up your hears
just make sure that you guys have a good line of coke to snore
i'd love to show you who's fast and who's believing he is
and since you are not going to come like that , early in the morning when it's still dark
when there is nobody in the streets , count on me to hunt you down
you are going to discover what it is to be a prey
justice , you had better to do than attacking a defenseless woman
me unnerved ? no , am so quiet, it's scary
as soon as i'll can move freely , that's means not in frankreich
during a couples of weeks , i guess there'll always be some special agents around
ready to shoot me anytime i do something strange , and since i never do something strange
they'll just realize , that i terrifies the peoples , but that i don't even try to do it
and that , after all , around me , everybody is smiley , even the pricks i can't wait to screw
just my wives and our childs will not be afraid of me
i don't think am a terror because am good at playing a video game
thousands of guys are much better than me , ^^ , my purpose is to do a good movie
to show why teenagers love so much video games
ah ! i should have do it with portal , or f.e.a.r !
tomb raider ? oh no please , i can't run anymore behind that bottom
never catching it ! too frustrating now
my power has no limits , it's different
am tired to play !
what ?
don't sulk , i have hundreds of photos of naomi watts , under the mouse
oh my god
i can't wait to see you new photos darlings , ach
i should start thinking about how to steal money , mmm , but not from a bank
that's honest people's money , betta try from the "catholic church" , but how to do ?
mmm , let's keep on scaring them until i find out how , psychological warfare , that can't be bad
it's bed time on the blog !
bouh !
i told you so
Red rose
ay ay ay
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