January 25, 2011


in the little supermarket i go just nearby my apartment since years
i refuse to buy anything that is their brand , you know , every supermarket franchise has his own brand of products
always much cheaper that real brands , but it's the worst quality , food proceeded in the cheapest ways
and of course , most of time , made out of tortured animals , raised by fake farmers
so i only buy good stuff in that supermarket , that means that actually i only buy pilchard cans
and a onion , i can afford , and they really ameliorate the sandwich  , ^^
but of course , fat ass noticed that i only buy brands , consequence , they do none a cent on me
in supermarkets , most of time , good stuff like Nutella for example is sold at exactly the price they buy it
and they make money on the bad chocolate they sell cheaper and has their brand name on it
so , of course , fat ass looses control sometimes , in december they have been 3 days with no coke
just because i used to buy a lot of it for my wheeisly , it's like that since september 2004
anytime i find something i appreciate , he tries as hard as he can to don't refill it
imagine , a supermarket with no Coca - Cola 3 days long , and empty spaces sometimes a week long
monday january 3 , they were closed for their annual inventory day
since , by the cashier machine , there is still no more lighters
you know , am more or less the only client who often buy's one of those pack of 3 lighters
but their are from the cricket brand
my baker too is funny , but in a different way
they found this blog , ^^ , so he read what i said two weeks ago about bakers and the Spirit of Strength
since , the guy is so motivated , that a few days after , on my way to his bakery , by the Spirit
or by telepathy if Theology stills scares you , whatever, in a miraculous way
i explained/shown him that in fact Love was the most important
that , ok , bakery , flour , machines , electricity , papers , his wife selling in the shop
all that could be beautiful , and work , but only if Love is on the top of it , cementing it all
since a week his bread is way tastier
so now , i go to another bakery , where they do the best bread in town
it's way farer , and i don't buy anymore baguette's , now i take the bigger size
i buy and eat almost entirely a parisian , per day , old school
yes namorada , now he counts on his basket ball friends
but i doubt that they are going to want a bullet in the knee , like him
who'd want to eat that for a guy who rapped his ex
being sued and having to go to a court for you would be my pleasure
i'll have no problems saying that he rapped you the january 24, 2011
since then you'd have to share your side of the story
aren't you asked me to raise your child
cats have a profession
they are pure/impure detectors
you'd talk cat , you'd see them doing it 24/7
let me guess
cat owners who read this are surprised by their own cat
since a minute
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