January 23, 2011


i love to reheat your Heart
damn , you know what , am going to turn off the pc
am going to take off my shoes , light a cigarette , and then
am going to discover how good Christy Turlington smells
there , just behind her ear !
gnn !
champagne !
heavens ! i don't dare say shampoo , it smelt green , but deeper , mossy , forest border
gazelle on presence , i should have just say admire , so many times i walked between webbed boles
she gave me her feet , horizon is not that far after all , fruit basket , that's the gesture
i wonder , no , i know , a gilded cheek , a silence three , zebra was right , she is in that glade
zebra is peeling himself , black stripes on the left , so many comments are not going to ask
well , it smells good , it smells shrine , well
tell me owl , have you seen a glade recently , like hours ago , she's a walker
yes , but it can't be a song anymore , you're back from war aren't you , what's in your hand
i don't know , but it's says wella on it , high hair , flubben , extra strong control , gel vinyle acryl gel
and style je haar met de vingers niet föhnen allen bij kappers verkrijgbaar , but it's not for her
for her i bought chewing gum , it says chlorophylle on it
i guess you heard bad colors , what told you horizon
he told me that if i saw a glade and a pearlescent pear that means that i love a doe
ah ? you little soldier are bad news , you're an avenger
the rumor says am mean
and what said the doe
nothing , she just watched me , with her eyes
so , what are you going to do
i don't know , can i'll kiss her
who , the glade or the pear
i suspect she's both of them , so , can i'll kiss her , she's beautiful
serengueti , have you at least dream it
yes , that's why i want to kiss her , she's beautiful
and what's your new year good resolution
this year am going to kill men and women but just one by one
you're too kind , she'll don't want to kiss you , but do it
. .
tell me owl , how do i do to undress a pear
you just need to hold her hands
and can i'll kiss her then , sometimes she watch's me , with her eyes
she shouldn't , she beautiful , don't you see you're still bleeding
i don't feel it , and i'll be fine , i catch flying flies
and you are writing for her !
i just want to talk to her
aren't horizon told you that she'll kiss you if you don't talk
yes , but what i want it's to kiss her , she's pretty
well , i must go now , stranger , tweet her good night
hello stranger
. .
hello owl
what are you doing over there
am writing
why don't you come here
. .
and tell me , you found her
yes , she was in a tree talking with horizon
did you kissed her
no , look , she's dreaming
see ? she's glade and a pear , both at the same time , she's a walker
oh , here in the forest we know her since ever , it's her forest
so can i'll kiss her
why do you want to kiss her
i want to kiss her because i want to caress her bosoms
that's all ?
no , i want to penetrate her too
but you are just a kid
it's not my fault !
why don't you talk with kanary
hello stranger
. .
hello kanary
what are you doing over there
am looking for nightingale
why don't you come here
i shouldn't , once i ate a kanary
nightingale has no hours you know , and she sings only at night
. . ? like you !
no , me since bull ate me i sing all the time
you're the kanary i ate
i know
how comes you don't fly away , you're not a walker ?
yes i am , when am both at the same time , in you
. .
so you're an inventor
what are you doing
. .
i just saw blue
ah ? what is she doing
she's reading
. .
and what shown you doe
she shown me that she's nightingale too , when she's both at the same time
i guess you are going to stay in the forest , aren't you afraid of panther
no , am Man , i killed for her
and how are you going to do to kiss gazelle
am going to wait the moment she's not glade and pear , both at the same time
did you bought chewing gum for her
yes , it's written chlorophylle on it , but i should shop off the e , she's beautiful
/Via @PamelaDAnderson
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